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Full-Service Probate Law Firm In San Antonio

The probate legal process, following a loved one’s passing, can mean many things to many people: a smoothly coordinated estate administration, problematic estate matters in the absence of a will, a contentious will contest that can divide a family or fiduciary litigation in the courtroom, just to name a few.

Whatever it means to you, regardless of your personal circumstances, probate proceedings can be costly, lengthy and stressful. When you have probate problems that need solving, effectively and efficiently, come to the Law Office of Luis R. De Luna, PLLC, in San Antonio.

Attorney Luis R. De Luna has served the unique probate legal needs of individuals, couples and families in South Texas for more than 25 years. His proven skills in practice areas of tax law, business and probate administration can benefit you.

Are you at odds with relatives over the validity of a contested will? Are you concerned about transferred ownership and operation of a closely held family business? Has a trustee, executor or beneficiary overstepped his or her bounds? Is forward-looking estate planning your goal, to avoid future pitfalls? As your lawyer, Luis R. De Luna can help with customized representation, tailored to your specific situation.

Contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation. Call 210-757-0941 or reach Mr. De Luna by email message. Se habla español.


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