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Skilled Representation For Non-Filers With Tax Issues

If you failed to pay taxes or failed to file tax returns for one year, or for many years, it is vital that you make efforts to fix these problems and become compliant.

An experienced tax attorney can help you to resolve these issues. Otherwise, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collection efforts will begin — and you may even face criminal charges.

At the Law Office of Luis R. De Luna, PLLC, we can help you file both past and present tax returns, and set up repayment plans for taxes owed, with no further harm to your freedoms and future.

Attorney Luis R. De Luna has assisted San Antonio and South Texas tax clients for more than 25 years. A veteran of more than a decade working as an IRS revenue agent, Mr. De Luna leads our team of legal professionals and certified public accountants (CPAs). His deep insights into the tax system allow us to craft tax returns that are as accurate as possible, and to understand the range of mistakes that the IRS looks for on both past and present returns.

Has the IRS or Department of Justice (DOJ) already initiated actions against you, related to your non-filing of tax returns? We can provide you with powerful civil tax litigation representation as well as advocacy in criminal courts.

Sound Legal Guidance For Non-Filers About Tax Returns And Payments

When clients are behind on filing tax returns or making tax payments, our law firm uses effective methods to bring them up to compliance. After carefully assessing the facts of the your specific situation, we:

  • Prepare all unfiled tax returns and file them with the IRS
  • Negotiate with the IRS to set up an installment agreement with manageable payments you can afford
  • Examine whether the statute of limitations for refunds has expired, and explore refund options for past returns
  • Continue to work closely with you until your tax matters are fully resolved

Our services are especially beneficial to self-employed clients who failed to file taxes in the past. In these situations, we prepare both a personal and a business tax return, to ensure compliance with tax withholding regulations. We work hard to help you get caught up on all of the returns you are required to file, and taxes you are required to pay.

Contact Luis R. De Luna In San Antonio, TX — Free Initial Consultations

Failure to file taxes is serious business. To ensure that your rights are protected, you need equally serious tax defense representation on your side. Arrange a free initial consultation with Luis R. De Luna by calling 210-757-0941 or sending an email message. Se habla español.

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