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Experienced Fiduciary Litigation Attorney For Probate Disputes

Those facing allegations of abusing responsibilities for handling complex trusts have rights that must be protected.

Conversely, family members with legitimate concerns about the role of fiduciaries can be heard in probate court, so justice can be served.

An experienced attorney skilled in fiduciary litigation techniques can be your strong voice before a judge and jury when a will or trust is contested. In San Antonio and throughout South Texas, the lawyer who works hard to defend your interests is Luis R. De Luna, founder of the Law Office of Luis R. De Luna, PLLC.

During his more than 25 years of loyal, successful service to probate clients across the region, Mr. De Luna has built a recognized reputation for positive results, in and out of court. His law firm’s in-depth investigation, thorough case preparation and persuasive presentations have spelled the difference in many cases.

If you stand accused of misappropriating funds from a trust, or want to contest the validity of a will, based on suspicions surrounding a legal representative or caregiver, your free initial consultation with Luis R. De Luna is just a phone call away. Reach us at 210-757-0941 or by email message to discuss your legal issues in detail and in confidence. Se habla español.


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