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Representing Tax Clients For Offers In Compromise

The “offer in compromise” can be a legitimate, lawful, workable strategy for helping individuals and families out of tax debt problems.

At the Law Office of Luis R. De Luna, PLLC, in San Antonio, many times our clients want to pay the tax debt that they owe, but they are unable to do so, based on their financial circumstances.

In these situations, it is sometimes possible to pay a percentage of the amount you owe — and have the remaining debt forgiven by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through an offer in compromise.

A seasoned tax defense advocate such as Luis De Luna can help you realize the full benefits that this process affords.

Mr. De Luna uses his more than 25 years of experience as an attorney, in-depth understanding of the tax system and IRS policies to do just that. He has the practical understanding of the tax system to help clients throughout South Texas to pay what portion of their tax debt they are able. Whether negotiating an offer in compromise or assisting with other tax matters, we always provide clients with the direct, personal attention they deserve.

Exploring Every Avenue To Help Lessen Your Federal Tax Debt

The IRS looks at many factors when determining whether it will accept an offer in compromise. As your lawyer, Luis R. De Luna’s skilled representation increases the chances that your offer will be accepted by specifically drafting it, based on your situation and our law firm’s deep understanding of the tax system.

Some of the factors that the IRS looks at, and that we consider accordingly when creating an offer, include your:

  • Ability to pay
  • Income
  • Doubt as to collection
  • Health of taxpayer
  • Equity in assets
  • Expenses

If the IRS accepts our offer in compromise, your tax debt will settle for an amount that is less than your original obligation. This amount can be paid either as a lump sum or with scheduled periodic payments.

Attorney Luis R. De Luna has personal knowledge about how the IRS handles offers in compromise. Before starting his accomplished legal career, Mr. De Luna worked as a revenue agent for 13 years. He brings these insights to innovative representation designed to make tax payments affordable for our clients.

We urge you to contact our law office, so we can discuss your legal issues in detail and chart a course of action. Your initial consultation is free. Call 210-757-0941 or reach us by email message. Se habla español.

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