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Experienced Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Representation

The penalties that businesses face when the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) suspects issues with income and Social Security tax withholdings are exceptionally harsh. These severe penalties can send shock waves through an entire organization — and can even ruin a business if not properly addressed.

Due to the high stakes that accompany trust fund recovery penalties, it is crucial to have a dedicated, experienced tax lawyer working for you and your company.

At the Law Office of Luis R. De Luna, PLLC, in San Antonio, we assist businesses faced with any type of IRS penalty, including trust fund recovery penalties. Our law firm’s founder has more than 25 years of experience, and a variety of professional perspectives on tax law, that can benefit you.

Our committed legal team combines the collective knowledge of tax attorneys, certified public accountants (CPA’s) and a skilled support staff. This team works diligently to help you avoid paying IRS penalties or reduce the amount you are required to pay.

Protecting The Rights Of South Texas Employers With Tax Problems

In Texas, employers must withhold income and Social Security taxes from employees’ paychecks. These withholdings should be reported to the IRS and then paid over to the IRS by a set date. The trust fund recovery penalty is triggered in situations where a company fails to pay the required withheld amounts to the U.S. Treasury.

As a part of our comprehensive business and payroll taxes defense representation, we use our powerful negotiation and litigation skills to craft convincing arguments for business clients, in order to avoid or reduce this penalty. We use a client-centered approach to develop insightful arguments in matters involving the trust fund penalty or any other business matter.

Your free initial consultation with Luis R. De Luna is as close as your phone. Call today — 210-757-0941. You can also reach Mr. De Luna by email message. Se habla español.


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